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"I'm gonna look young and beautifull in my coffin. Don't you think it's romantic?"

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Corrupting Soul: Mirror Mirror on the wall... ;)


“Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tell me what I’m looking for

Look into my eyes and see

Tell me who it’s gonna be

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tell me what I’m looking for”

Alice ran one of London’s streets constantly glancing at her watch. A little bit more and she’ll be late. It was…

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Corrupting Soul: "Heart of Everything"


Open up your eyes

Save yourself from fading away now

don’t let it go

Open up your eyes

See what you’ve become don’t sacrifice

It’s truly the heart of everything

Sharon den Adel, Robert Westerholt

Alice moved ahead with the Raven on her arm. Slowly, inwittingly, she was loosing…

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Corrupting Soul: "World So Cold"


I feel numb

I can’t come to life

I feel like I’m frozen in time

Livin’ in a world so cold

Wasting away

Livin in a shell with no soul

Since you’ve gone away

Livin’ in a world so cold

Counting the days

Since you’ve gone away

Adam Gontier

Alice woke up on a dirty brown…

1 year ago - 1
Kol: Don't look for the cure. Because you will raise Silas and die. Don't look for the cure in Mystic Falls, don't look for the cure on a Canadian island, just don't look for it, promise? OK, everybody take some vervain.
Damon: Get in, losers! We're going cure hunting.
Jeremy: Hell no! I did not leave Denver for this!
Elena: So, if you're living in Mystic Falls, then why aren't you worshiping me?
Matt: OMG, Elena, you can't just ask people why aren't they worshiping you!
Caroline: Klaus is so weird. He just, you know, came up to me and started talking about how he fancies me.
Stefan: He's so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Klaus Mikaelson. We were best friends in the 20s. I know, right? It's so embarrassing, I don't even...whatever. So then, 2 hours after I met him, I started making out with his sister, who was totally gorgeous, but then she got daggered and Klaus was like, weirdly jealous of her. Like, if I would blow him off to hang out with Bekah, he'd be like, "Why didn't you call me back?" And I'd be like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" Then he compelled me to forget them because I didn't want him and then he came back and sacrificed my girlfriend and now I guess he's in love with you.
Tyler: I'm the Alpha Male. Right, Klaus?
Klaus: Please stop talking.
Elijah: And on the 3rd day, Klaus created the Sun and the Moon Curse so he could sacrifice a doppelganger...and some other supernatural creatures.
Rebekah: I don't hate you cuz yo special, yo special cuz I hate you.
Shane: How do I even begin to explain the Originals? The Originals are flawless. They have 5 castles in the UK, 2 in France and an island in the South Pacific. I hear Elijah's hair is insured for 2 mil dollars. One time, Kol almost drowned me. It was awesome.
Sheriff Forbes: 1 alive parent for you, Caroline Forbes. Bonnie Bennett? 2 alive parents for you, Bonnie Bennett. You go, Bonnie Bennett. And none for the other kids.
Bonnie: Mystic Falls is the one place where everyone can kill each other and no one can say anything about it because they're all dead.

Alice Alice Liddell’s Bio

My name is Alice Liddell. In my childhood I’ve visited Wonderland and it was an amazing adventure. But it’s not how the story ends.

When I was a teen I’ve began to live with my beloved Aleks in his apartment. That’s when happened to me yet another adventure. I’ve become a prisoner in the Dark Forest.

Everyone has a dark side. And out of that darkness of the human soul was created the Dark Forest. If you can’t deal with it, there will come the day when you’ll have to encounter what lies in wait for you there. In my case it was a different thing. I wasn’t the one who had to face it, it was Aleks. I was merely a bait, as the only creature in the world that Aleks would go to hell for. He had to go through the Dark Forest to find me, and save me. Of course he wasn’t aware of what this place was. He had to pass through, to discover that, to understand, to accept it. That’s what it’s all about. And he managed to do all of that. He went throught hell, found me, and he had changed it. In spite of how it may sound we’ve never been lovers. There was no so called chemistry between us . Though I’ll never find out what future could bring. This relationship can’t be described by words, it was love in it’s purest form.Why am I using past time in those sentences?


Because Aleks is no longer among the livings. I still feel as if my heart is being torn aparat and ripped out of my chest. This pain never leaves me. The day that Aleks died the Dark Forest somehow haven’t died with him. It got back to it’s previous form and also The Black Raven came back.The Black Raven of Aleks’s heart that became one with him that day when he saved me. What’s more, the Dark Forest became a part of Wonderland, and I’ve discovered in me the ability to travel between worlds.I like to think that, what caused this, was my great despair and desire to save some part of Aleks. After all the Black Raven have said once that I’m not a normal human. That within me lives the creature older even than this world, that for some reasons have taken human’s form and life.Wheather it’s the truth or his attempt to convince Aleks to abandon me… I’m about to find out.



Species: human/angel

Height: 5’3”

Hair : Blonde / Silver with blue tips

Eyes: Blue/ Azure

Abilities: delusion,astral travel, clairvoyance (much less untill she’ll regain her memories, and untill she’s still in human body), flying (only in angel form) teleportation (also only in her angel form)

Controlled Element : Water - she can manipulate water in various forms and can use it as a means of attack Planet connected : Moon

Family and Friends:

Mother,Clarissa Liddell, human, deceased

Stepfather, Barret Graham, human, out of touch (Alice hates him)

Best friend and her secret love , Aleks (he took her away from her step father when she was 12) - deceased

Companion and ‘friend’ - the Black Raven

After the great war in heaven when Lucifer was thrown to hell, locked in a Pit, Gabriel went to God to make intercession for him. As she knew that Lucifer was madly in love with a woman, in a matter of fact he absolutely burned with desire for her. It made her feel sorry for him.
 At that time in hell Belzeebub eventually turned his back on Lucifer deciding that he’s too focused on himself instead of all of the Falle’s interests and leaves his side with few others. Lucifer was too numb and so he did nothing in response to his actions. On the Earth Belzeebub starts creating the most treacherous demons. Later on he claimed that along whith those he himself had created jealousy, murder and wars in human world.
 Initially God didn’t wanted to hear about letting Lucifer out of the Pit, but eventually under the influence of Gabriel’s constant pleadings, he agreed to let Lucifer out of his preason.
 That had enraged impetuous Michael, who in his fury had stabbed Gabriel with the holy dagger.
 At the same time Lucifer went to Earth but so much time has passed that his beloved one was already dead, so he came back to hell in mourning.
 In order to save Gabriel, Raziel took her body and soul hidden in a sacred crystal to Lucifer, because God had refused to heal her.
 The Fallen Angel had hid her body with the dagger in it, in the lowest level of hell, in the glass coffin, ordering his right hand, Belial to guard it.
 Then he took her soul to earth so she’d reincarnate in human form untill he’ll figure out how to take out the dagger without killing her permanently.
 At the time when he was on earth, Lucifer sent his vassal to God, this time he was the one to stand up for Gabriel.
 God have agreed to his requests under some conditions, he’ll be walking on earth annihilating demons that are a threat to a human kind, and only when he’ll decide that Lucifer has been fullfilling his task propperly, long enaugh, only then he’ll heal Gabriel.
 Lucifer accepted those conditions and stayed on earth, unfortunatelly soon he had been caught in a trap by few high leveled demons. As they couldn’t kill him, his soul was split into two parts, imprisoned in parallel astral dimension, in one hall there’s his dark side chained by enchanted chains, in the other one there is his bright side sitting on a throne, to weak to do anything.
.Jibril had reincarnated as Alice Liddell, thanks to Lucifer but because he’s gone now, she has no memories of her angelic life. Beacue her real body is located in the depths of hell, her soul slowly begins to corrupt which manifests itself in Dark Forest’s growth as well as a gradual change in her personality.Only time will tell wheather she’ll become a fallen angel or conquers her inner darkness.


Wow. Did Stefan just sleep with Elena’s killer? And people were giving Damon grief for sleeping with Rebekah because she once TRIED to kill Elena; tried being the key word.   But now that Stefan has slept with her after she actually DID kill Elena, no one gives a fuck. In fact, many are PRAISING him. Okay. 

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for my oc project

for my oc project

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↳ My Favourite Book!Bamon Kiss 

My Favourite Book!Bamon Kiss 

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Bonnie and Damon - {After Hours}

by me.
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Merry Christmas!

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[book bamon] - when i feel this cold they’re like the sun

by beautifullengima

*sobs in the corner* why it always makes me feel like I’m being torn apart?

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Supernatural Meme: Seven Outfits [2/7]

↳ Orange Prison Jumpsuits

“Don’t worry, Sam. I promise I won’t trade you for smokes.”

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